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August Diehl @ LJ

august diehl
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A community dedicated to the actor August Diehl

Welcome to augustdiehl your one and only community for the amazing German actor August Diehl, famous for his work in movies such as Love In Thoughts, The Counterfeiters, Inglourious Basterds and others.
If you're a fan of this gifted young man, be sure to join us!

» Rules:
01. You can post anything related to August Diehl and his work. Articles, new pictures, icons & etc.
02. Tagging your post and using a lj-cut for HQ or multiple pics is encouraged.
03. Hotlinking is not cool. Host the pictures to your own server (TinyPic, PhotoBucket, etc).
04. This is a members-only community, so all posts must be locked.
05. Respect each other and have fun!

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"To make little more August Diehls!"
-- Eli Roth (Inglourious Basterds press conference)